Encrypt Disk

Virtual Flash Drive 3.10

No Image DISK. When finished, click "LOGOUT" to pull out your FLASH DISK. Well , it is virtual disk and actual data is saved on your hard disk. No one can access and delete such data except the owner. Main features: 1. Intensive encryption. Three levels available that meet different requirements. 2.Easy to use. Simulate the actual Flash Disk operation, that is, plug and play. 3.No disk capacity restriction. Possible to use the 4 encrypted drives simultaneously

Keynesis Lockngo Professional / Hybrid  6.0: Hard Drive Encryption Software. Set Password for Drive of any type and size.
Keynesis Lockngo Professional / Hybrid 6.0

Disks. Lockngo is the perfect security protection for any external disk. Any type and size. No installation to computer required! Disk with Lockngo can be connected to any computer. For Mac and Windows.Support of all major formats. No software installation required. Automatical disk locking. Fast encryption. Completely hides files on disk. Compatible with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion. Military Grade 256bit AES Encryption.Full encryption for the most

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KaKa Folder Protector 5.56: KaKa Foder protector is a powerful and easy-to-use program for protection
KaKa Folder Protector 5.56

encrypt any folder including flash disk and removable hard disk. Three Methods: Lock,Scramble and Encrypt Folder. Depending on the security level you need. On the Fly Protection: Using the Strong protection technology that can effectively lock/encrypt all your files. Strong Encryption: A strong industry standard 256-bit BLOWFISH Encryption is used to encrypt your files. Portability: Folders can be protected on portable deviceslike USB flash disk

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Kakra Private Disk 3.0: a powerful tool to create virtual encrypted disks to protect sentive data.
Kakra Private Disk 3.0

encrypted drive.Kakra Private Disk does not contain backdoors or government induced escrow keys that would allow the police, or any other authority to decrypt your confidential information. This means that your data are well-protected, and that the security of your private information has no breaches.The private disk can be created on portable devices like USB flash disk and removable hard disk. KaKa Private Disk can also be used on Windows Vista

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BestCrypt Volume Encryption 3.60.11: provides transparent encrypting all the data stored on fixed and removable disks
BestCrypt Volume Encryption 3.60.11

encrypts all types of volumes residing on fixed and removable disks - simple volumes, mount points, multipartition volumes (spanned, mirrored, striped, RAID-5). BCVE allows encrypting data with many strong encryption algorithms. Every algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm`s specification. BCVE utilizes LRW and XTS encryption modes. BestCrypt Volume Encryption can encrypt volumes where Windows boots from

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Folder Encryption Dog Premium 3.3: It lets you password protect, hide, and encrypt data of folders
Folder Encryption Dog Premium 3.3

Encryption Dog Premium] is a Folders` data access control and encryption utility designed for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Win 7. It lets you password protect, hide, and encrypt data of folders in hard disk or portable disk. Without password, nobody is able to delete, move or copy the files in protected folders. Simple-to-use: Copy the soft to the folder being protected, input password,push the button "Encrypt",that is OK! What happens as follows: * Everything

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Remora USB Disk Guard

Remora USB Disk Guard is designed as a file encryption switch in your USB storage devices. With Remora USB Disk Guard, you can secure all your files in USB disk anytime and anywhere. Main Features: (1) A easy and fast tool to encrypt and decrypt files. (2) A easy and fast tool to encrypt and decrypt folder. (3) Using the fastest and strong 128 bits encryption technique.

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